Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Teach the world to sing

But teach them Hedwig songs, of course. Lyrics stuck in my brain (and on the Bose) currently:

I'll lay out fine china on the linen
and polish up the chrome...

~~~"Sugar Daddy"

(Hmmm...sounds innocent enough, until you rethink that last part.)

By the gold light of your halo
I want to nail you..

(Pretty racy for a ditty - to Jesus, no less!)

Inside I'm hollowed out
outside's a paper shroud
and all the rest's illusion

~~~"Exquisite Corpse"

I look back on where I'm from
Look at the woman I've become
And the strangest things seem suddenly routine

~~~"Wig in a Box"

Those last two really speak for themselves.
Stephen Trask is a musical genius. Am considering a blog name change, since Incendiary Advice became neither of the two, and "Miss Midnight Checkout Queen" is a fitting Stephen/JCM/Hedwig tribute.

No more excuses, Chris -- get the cd already. ;)
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