Friday, September 16, 2005

I'm not working....but then again, neither is our country

While taking a break and reading a forum, someone just asked me what I would do if I were George Bush, adding that this latest White House PR blitz is exactly what would happen in any other administration. Perhaps, but I would hope not. Another person told me that "this will fall off our radar."

Again perhaps, but I would hope not.

So, what would I be doing if I were George Bush? It took awhile to put into words what my thoughts are on the subject. And weirdly enough, it made me really, really sad.

Overcome with guilt and shame, I would likely bite the bullet. Literally.

To have sat idly by when I had the power to affect and expedite relief to people dehydrating and dying on the streets is not how I was raised. Hopefully, that applies to many of us.

But what will we have given of ourselves, of our souls, if we allow PR and prettied-up speeches to placate? If we simply shudder once or twice, believe it won't happen again, pretend that our government simply "made a mistake" and forget?

For anyone with the slightest introspection and decent morals, forgetting what happened following the New Orleans flood means giving up a chunk of our own humanity.

Of course, for George Bush, that won't be an issue, but for regular Americans, it should be.

His words last night were as hollow as those he spoke that Wednesday as New Orleans drowned about help being "on the way." His plummeting poll numbers are the only thing that moves him with any urgency. He is not a leader, nor a decent human being.

And I refuse to allow some craptastic Cecil B. DeMille backdrop and a bunch of his meaningless promises make me forget reality:

When we needed him, he was nowhere to be found.

Now he's asking us to choose between honoring the souls of people whose only failure was being poor, infirm and helpless and supporting him.

I made my choice those first few days of September. He can go to Hell where he belongs.
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