Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Arnold's Total Recall

In a dramatic about-face from Ohio, Californians trounced every one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's pet propositions on the bill; from parental notification to electricity regulation, The Governator got his sleek behind handed to him last night.

Three of them were passing when I went to bed last night; which explains why you never can tell until all the votes are counted. Now that they are, what does all of this mean?

Other than the case of Diebolded Ohio, last night's elections were a referendum on Bush and the GOP, with Democrats Corzine and Kaine winning New Jersey and Virginia, respectively. We trounced a few "intelligent designers" aka Creationists from Pennsylvania, a likely response to the Kitzmiller vs. DASD case. In Maine, an anti-gay initiative failed. And I believe somewhere in Michigan the wife of John Conyers, my patron saint, picked up a new job.

All in all, not shabby.

But this is no time to rest on laurels. We need verifiable paper trails in voting. Especially since the Federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report on October 26, 2005 that essentially said the vote was stolen:

Without free and fair elections, nothing else matters. Regardless of party affiliation Americans need to support open voting with verifiable tangible balloting. Otherwise the spectre of massive voting error and anomaly, like Arnold, "will be back."
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