Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Twenty-five years later, the Lennon Legacy

Hard to believe it's been nearly a quarter century since the day John Lennon died. Like previous generations with Kennedy, I still remember vividly the morning I heard the news: getting ready for another day of seventh grade, just catching the radio announcer's words while turning off the blow-dryer. A huge Lennon and Beatles fan even then, it was incomprehensible that this man, the greatest of the four, could meet such a senseless, abrupt and tragic end.

Newsweek has an excellent tribute this week, with articles on the aftermath of Lennon's death, the wounds it deepened and the loss so many still feel.

Reading it, I can't help but wonder what someone so dedicated to ending war and promoting a sane, peaceful world would think about today's America. No doubt he'd be frustrated and saddened to discover we're still struggling to learn his lessons.

In his memory, please consider signing this petition for an International Holiday celebrating Lennon's message of peace and love.

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