Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dear Santa: Part I

Part one of a series - things I want for Christmas:

1. An end to the Iraq war. After yesterday's speech by Bush - a retooled rehash of previously regurgitated Republican talking points, I see now why the Washington Post, New York Times and other big media are running stories on Bush's complete detachment from reality. Saying he's so insulated and will hear of nothing but finishing the job in Iraq. The picture they've painted over a week or so looks like this:

Oh, wait. That's actually a picture of most Americans' reaction to his speech.

Was he channeling John Wayne yesterday? He sounded hostile. Voice had none of that well-modulated, syrupy stuff going on; instead it was curt and he enunciated each word sharply, spitting them out.

It's time we explain to George that even a gold-plated kazoo is still just a kazoo.

Also problematic: he said we won't leave until we have victory. Yet he provides no context nor definition of what's meant by "victory." Until all their cities are rubble? Until we kill every last civilian?

We'll never know how many we've killed, exactly, because they don't keep a tally. They don't count because to them, it doesn't count. Last year's Lancet study said 100,000 civilians were killed. Its methodology was later criticized, but even conservative estimates are around 30,000.

Think on it: 30,000 men, women and children, many of whom were only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And we wonder why people from other countries dislike America.

With the rationale for our entrance into Iraq growing weaker with every new story on cooked pre-war intelligence, a clearer picture is emerging that "mistakes" can't be explained away by incompetence or error.

Our trust is completely gone, and unlikely to return.

But after reading those stories this week, I'm thinking he's one child perenially left behind when it comes to understanding what critics, allies and the majority of Americans are saying: Get us out. Now.

So my Christmas request?

Yes, I know he's dead. The point is, we need another very much like him.

Someone strong enough to fix the myriad problems facing our country (the housing bubble bursting, our impending national economic collapse, dependence on foreign oil, the war, the loss of our international respect...and those are just a small fraction of serious problems in this country) and to do so with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Surveying the political landscape, I see no such possibility except Governor Dean.

Howard Dean wears compassion like some men wear cheap cologne. It frankly oozes from him - along with good common sense, straightforward answers to questions and a willingness to cut through all the bs. Like FDR, Dean is almost too good for public office. Both wealthy men, they share a profound interest in the plight of the everyday American and the economic impact a strong middle class has on America.

Even better, Roosevelt's quote below isn't lost on Howard Dean. It is, however, completely indecipherable for George W. Bush.

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