Friday, December 16, 2005

Patriot Act extension vote -- We Won!!

Per the AP, Senate votes down Patriot Act provisions

Thank you, Senator Feingold. You said you would filibuster, and you got enough people to vote against extending the Patriot Act. You, sir, are a true leader.

How sad/funny is it that this news makes me feel like it's Christmas morning already?? In fairness, it's a pretty big symbolic victory; yet another sign of the sea change taking place across America.

AP agrees:

WASHINGTON - The Senate on Friday rejected attempts to reauthorize several provisions of the USA Patriot Act as infringing too much on Americans' privacy and liberty, dealing a huge defeat to the Bush administration and Republican leaders.

I had a feeling it might go this way, particularly after today's New York Times article detailing how the President authorized illegal spying on American citizens. Nevertheless, color me thrilled.
Yes, we won.

Bush has been limited.

You'll never have enough exclamation marks for that.

I've won my war as well.

In Heaven like on Earth.
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