Friday, January 13, 2006

Another rightwing lie exposed: Clinton and wiretaps

From Georgia10 and last night's Nightline, Republican lies about Clinton's adherence to obtaining FISA warrants are now dead in the water:

"Former President Clinton said Thursday that he never ordered wiretaps of American citizens without obtaining a court order, as President Bush has acknowledged he has done.

Clinton, in an interview broadcast Thursday on the ABC News program ''Nightline,'' said his administration either received court approval before authorizing a wiretap or went to court within three days after to get permission, as required by law.

''We either went there and asked for the approval or, if there was an emergency and we had to do it beforehand, then we filed within three days afterward and gave them a chance to second guess it,'' Clinton told ABC.

It was confirmed by NSA whistleblower Russ Tice, on video here

Shocking, isn't it - the speculation that Clinton didn't follow the law with regard to FISA turns out to be just that - speculation, innuendo and an outright lie.

Yeah, shocking.

This just in: today the sky will be above us.
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