Monday, January 09, 2006

Bird flu hits humans in Turkey; Blair and US turkey busted on hit plans

Suggesting the virus has learned to mutate from birds to humans, Bloomberg reported 5 new cases of bird flu. This brings the total up to approximately 15, all of which are bird-to-human contact. So far, no person to person transfer.

The government issued a press release suggesting people 'stock up' on various items. Of course, it's a little impossible to stock-up on prescription drugs that are unavailable.

Things are heating up with whistleblowing on Bush and Blair's 2004 plans to bomb news source Al Jazeera. UK's The Guardian reports this information was passed to a California Democratic supporter last year. One wonders why the story didn't become public sooner.

Speaking of stories, Washington Post is reporting a New York Times reporter was robbed and killed in his home in DC this weekend, in a nice, low-crime area of town.

Coincidentally, his last stories were on Alito and wiretapping.
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