Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Brave new world - but first, a drug detour

I planned and promised to write about Bush Futureworld. The goal was to skip through a seemingly foregone conclusion that Alito, and perhaps another Bush SCOTUS pick, would radically alter the course of all our lives and move into the reality of how we'd be affected and, most importantly, how we could fight back.

Not that I really recognize our world, today: UCLA students urged (and paid) to turn their professors in for any anti-war, anti-Bush speech, and citizens being denied access to their own NSA records, in direct opposition to the Freedom of Information Act.

Apparently, NSA now responds to requests with a "we cannot confirm or deny there are records about you. . .due to National Security concerns." For a good shudder, click on the story.

Minus the more helpful shared wealth features of Communism, we're starting to make Stalin proud.

Anyway, all this will have to wait. Instead, I have to figure out how to keep my parents enrolled in the best possible Medicare plan, due to the changes in light of the new Medicare law and Part D.

Which, in case you didn't know, is rolling out horrifically since January 1:

Pharmacies are doling out meds, fingers crossed for insurance reimbursement. Many are working overtime and well into the evening, trying to handle all the snafu's Bush's new plan has created.

States won't be able to keep up with the costs...don't be surprised when taxes increase because of it.

Seniors don't understand. Reading through the Medicare website FAQ's, I can see why. It's doublespeak -- deliberately confusing, obfuscating and just a big flipping mess.

What's even messier: people are being automatically enrolled in coverage without consultation. Said coverage won't provide for their current medications. This will result in people either not taking their needed medicines or utter bankruptcy. Well, if we could still declare bankruptcy, I mean.

For more information on how big pharma and private insurance are set to make out like bandits at the expense of seniors and disabled Americans, click on this sentence. Families USA has a pretty straightforward explanation of how badly the Republican Congress sold us out.

Ugly and despicable, but straightforward.

you know what sucks the hardest?

they knew that something messed up would happen. they knew it. they didn't know WHAT, because that would imply some forethought, or basic ability to govern.

no, just by being themselves, they knew something screwy would happen. when will we have the first death because of this?
Thanks for adding my dove banner, Anne! FYI, they are just magnets, not stickers...but thanks for the shout out!

More LIHOP, you think? Good theory. It so fits their whole agenda.

Remember the goal of drowing government in a bathtub. The more inneffective they can make it (without of course, curbing any of the middle and lower class tax revenues helping line their pockets) the more they can point to how "big government doesn't work.

But the fact is, like FEMA under James Lee Whitt in the 90s, government can and does work -- when it's run by people who actually believe in good governing principles.

Instead, they'd rather harm the old and infirm.

Gah! I'll fix the text right away! Sorry about that. Hope sales are going well.
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