Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday personals

Wish me luck! Those who read here often and know me know I've been looking for a real break in the past year or so, frustrated with how many of the 14 characteristics of fascism America's exhibited.

Read them -- they're frightening and illuminating in ways I can't convey.

Anyway, this week I took the plunge and sent an inquiry to my current main client, a huge international company. Only, I sent it to their New Zealand office.

Lo and behold, they requested my resume!

The HR rep said he'd be out until January 31. It's definitely a long shot. . .BUT. . .I've cemented my position on this matter and if New Zealand doesn't work out, there are offices everywhere in the world. They've been my client for three years; we've developed great rapport. If they give me a qualified offer, it puts me over the top in terms of points for residency in New Zealand, as my job falls into their high demand category.

The girls also want to leave, because a prospect of war with Iran and necessary draft leaves the oldest very vulnerable: to jail - not the draft. We wouldn't dream of fighting for George Bush or his war profiteering.

So now I need to figure out what to do with the house - sell it, or take out an equity loan first, then risk foreclosure and take a loss. Either way, it's the first positive step I've taken since getting qualified for Canadian citizenship. Unfortunately, the Canadian home office doesn't have openings.

Anyone want to buy a three bedroom, 1200 square foot Ohio bungalow on the cheap? :)
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