Saturday, January 21, 2006

Michael Savage: "Welcome to Camp!"

Been reading many essays and articles on the demonization of Jews prior to the Holocaust (guess umpteen viewings of Schindler's List and Shoah just weren't enough) and, frankly, the parallels are staggering in rhetoric, action and media promotion between that time and the rightwing media today.

MSNBC's gang of nightly talking hairdos (minus the wonderful Keith Olbermann, of course) were not content to compare Democratic Senators and Michael Moore to Osama bin Laden for just one night. They ratcheted-up the vitriol and went for a second night - this time, lumping in all progressives in America.

Well, thanks!

I don't even have a beard.

Suppose we could cull together some makeshift turbans from bath towels, but that's where my compromise ends.


Michael Savage, that off-the-rails rightwing radio guy, yesterday (again) proposed all subversives -- left-leaning liberals and opponents of the war -- be rounded up and placed in internment camps. Not the first time, either. From an October 2005 writeup:

"Savage proposes using totalitarian tactis to oppose all “subversives,” “communists,” and “Islamo-fascism.” Tonight he explained in explicit terms that he thinks we should round up all American “subversives,” put them in internment camps, to charge them with treason, and either execute or deport them."

As to facial hair, I'll leave it up to you to ponder if Michael wears a tiny, square, closely clipped moustache. (Neener, neener, neener. We can make comparisons between evil maniacs and you guys, too.)

So, while we're packing for Camp, just a few questions:

1. Will the rest of America interrupt their television viewing long enough to notice we're gone, or are you guys gonna pull us from our homes during football season?

2. Can some enterprising media mogul get a reality series out of Savage's proposed genocide?

They could call it, say American Idolator , or Fascism Factor . If it's on CBS, a great title would be Survivor: Not Likely!

3. When it's all over and the war crimes tribunals begin, is there gonna be video and photographs as evidence? Because if I'm gonna be naked, piled atop my fellow citizens in our American mass graves, you have to tell me now. I've gotta diet first.

Fifty years from now I wouldn't want to be a footnote of America's shameful history still carrying that extra ten pounds from the holidays.

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