Monday, February 06, 2006

Oh, no - talk about Faustian bargains!

Just saw the SuperBowl commercial for Mission Impossible III, and Hoffman's in it! Which means I have to decide whether or not sitting through hours of the odious Tom Cruise just to see the amazing, wonderful Philip Seymour is a worthy endeavor.

Principles, or desires? Desires, or ethics? Needs, wants or nightmares?

This is worse than Capote having to pick between success and betrayal. The only Mission Impossible DVD I owned was a gift, and later, a lovely coaster.

But for Phil? I'll have to think it over. Right now, it's time to watch the SuperBowl clip, yet again, and smile. Can't the bad guy win in the end? Katie Holmes and moviegoers everywhere will be eternally grateful.
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