Thursday, March 30, 2006

Check out this ad - it won't be around much longer

Chevy's having its own "Apprentice" contest where people can design ads for the Tahoe. This one is a keeper -- but Chevy's not gonna think so.

I'm blown away. Talk about truth in advertising. But you'd better hurry to catch this little piece of agitprop. It'll be gone once the head honchos get whiff of it.

We paved the prairies..
We deforested the hills
We strip-mined our mountains
and sold ourselves for oil
To bring you this beautiful machine
So you can finally drive
to see what's left of our wilderness
and now that we're here
We can't get out of the car...

America 2006: The Ultimate Padded Cell

[Hat tip to Jank2112]

[Edit: Make one yourself! Here's the link to the one I made. Ru-roh. That's not gonna be around long, either!
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