Monday, March 13, 2006

It's the UnCola Man!

Remember that commercial, the seemingly Jamaican man talking about Seven-Up as "the UnCola?"

Well, slide in your Calypso CD and get out the limbo stick - Bush's approval ratings have dropped to 36 percent, according to the latest CNN/Gallup Poll.

So 36 percent of the country still would support Bush if he went on live tv, sodomized puppies and ripped out a human heart, Mayan style. But the rest of us? We're done.

C'mon Democrats - support Russ Feingold's motion for censure. Cheney is at 18 percent ( People who Enjoy Facial Shots of the Non-Sexual Variety Washington Local 880 has his back. So to speak.)

If they get any weaker, no telling what they'll do. Cornered rats being ever true to form. So, no time like the present!

The actual poll results, including question, are below:

Of the following, which do you most like and want to keep around?

1. George Bush 36 %
2. Venereal disease 41%
3. Colo-rectal polyps 39%
4. Tuberculosis 38%

Of all these causing long-term problems, none are so widely detrimental as the first.
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