Thursday, March 09, 2006

Moviefone and Google get in on the Crashtroversy

At the site when looking up times and theaters showing Brokeback Mountain, this is what it says:

"Though it didn't win Best Picture (some -- including us -- may say it was robbed), 'Brokeback' still scored three Oscars."

And at Google, if you search the phrase "I'm Glad Crash Won" it asks:

Did you mean: "I'm Glad Trash Won?"

The Internet has raised geeky snarkasm to unparalleled levels!

Even better, it can be used to share beautiful thoughts, like Margaret Cho's:

Thank You Ang Lee
To Ang Lee,

Congratulations on winning the Oscar for Best Director. I loved the film "Brokeback Mountain." I sat in the theatre and cried so much, because you told the story with such dignity and truth. I have been working in the gay and lesbian community for over 20 years, as an activist and artist, and your film did more to humanize our struggle than anything else so far in our history. Thank you for your courage and your magnificent artistry. You make me proud that an Asian person can accomplish so much in this very racist and homophobic industry. To me you make an impossible dream a reality. I hope to one day make such great strides as you. You are an inspiration to everyone, for not only are you an incredible filmmaker, you take on such intensely controversial political issues, and challenge the conservatives with the simple, beautiful art of storytelling. Where they have given us hate and fear, you have shown us the glory of love and the undeniable power of the human heart. Thank you for all of your films and especially thank you for "Brokeback Mountain."

Best, Margaret Cho

And simply a great explanation for why Crash is an equal opportunity offense to most people - not just those who love great film:

Finally, several thousand big fans of Brokeback pooled their resources to produce and run this ad in Variety on March 10 (to the tune of $17,500 raised in 48 hours):

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