Monday, March 13, 2006

No Rest for the Wicked (or politically minded)

My email is about to go bust. Not because people write me; they really don't (sadly enough). I'd love to know what old friends are up to now, but they apparently don't share that sentiment.

No, it's overflowing with updates from Anton Newcombe's (Brian Jonestown Massacre) blog. Which I completely love. It's irreverent, cheeky, and often serves up more news per hour than CNN. Say what you will about Anton; he's truly concerned with what's happening in our world -- and he updates his blog like five or six times a day with new info.

And I know that costs something. Know it because I don't relish heading back down the hill into battle once more, now that Oscars season is over. Crooks and Liars and Americablog are still on my favorites list, but I haven't been to either in months.

Things have calmed down, for the time being: my parents are relatively okay at the moment, Best Buy finally installed the icemaker after six calls and two weeks of screw-ups, and I've dismantled and discarded the bunk beds with their 8,000 bolts (Thanks for the socket wrench set, parents!) in anticipation of the new adult bed for my youngest.

Yet I still can't seem to muster interest in politics, aside from a panicky feeling that I'm not doing the right thing.

So, email tragedies aside, reading Anton's myspace blog really helps with the transition. I know. I know. Why should you care? No reason. It's just rainy and nasty here and I'm feeling very Monday-ish, with little new to discuss.
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