Monday, April 03, 2006

The mundane and madcap Monday stuff

1. Okay, I've got a Tahoe commercial hangover, but here are two that didn't get deleted yet. My other favorites did. Why? Because people uploaded them to the contest, rather than just creating a commercial, sending themselves the email, and flying under the radar.

Getaway Tahoe

Flowers, Concrete, Major Silliness

Finally, the "Chevy Carnival" - a whole bunch of linked ads at

Chevy Carnival

2. This morning I made coffee...and just discovered there weren't any actual coffee grounds in there. Hot water. Yum. How very Monday; not only did I forget to add coffee, but it took until 3 pm to notice?!? I. am. Dunce.

3. I forgot to thank my friend last night for listening. This blog is pretty scattered, but that's mostly because I can only get so close to some realities, and only so frequently. But after 30 years (!!?!?!) of being friends, you know better.
Thank you so much - especially for the suggestion that for once, it's actually beneficial to be someone who lives without thinking about tomorrow.
"...Hanging white-knuckled from the tilt-a-whirl..."

4. Confession time...I load and refresh this weird "secrets" website far too much.

It's compelling! It's twisted! It's...a bunch of anonymous secrets posted by people, and I can't look away sometimes. Not sure what it speaks to, particularly - maybe the psychological equivalent of watching a car wreck?

5. Speaking of wrecks, there's little good news on any front: just where were Senate Democrats during Feingold's censure hearing last week? Vichy Dems, one and all. We'll have better luck waiting for Lancelot to save us after finding The Holy Grail.
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