Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Nightline Tahoe segment

Hopefully Crooks&Liars will grab the Nightline video since I gave them a heads-up. Given my worries - that they might go sneery and corporate on our viral marketing efforts - it wasn't a bad little segment after all. Lots of ad snippets made it onscreen, and there was a brief interview with a guy named Gundersen. This is likely the same gundersen who befriended me at after I uploaded the Tahoe videos.

Nightline did its level best fair and balanced stuff, neglecting to mention how gigantic SUVs like the Tahoe actually threaten our environment (of course), but not condescending or marginalizing our very real concerns about global warming.

Interesting that GM says it "welcomes the two-way interaction" according to the segment. Sure -- if by welcoming they mean ignoring and deleting every controversial ad of which they've become aware. For that kind of baldfaced lying, they should make it to one of Olbermann's "worst" lists.

[Edit: On a more personal note, this story did get me on the top recommended diary list at Dailykos, with 185 comments. In some ways, that's even more exciting and meaningful than Nightline's call, and also a first. Also, Norman over at sent me this Quicktime video link to the Nightline segment. ]

Or just view the segment below:

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