Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Riddle me this, Batman

What has 1200 square feet, five people - four teens, one adult, four cats, one dog and a burning need for a maid?

If you said my house, you'd be right. Gah! It's scary. Temporary, but scary. We'll lose three people in July, if all goes well, my oldest living with her grandparents during mom's hip surgery and beyond. (Said arrangement the cause of this Faustian bargain resulting in our newest family additions, Shoova and James.)

Aside from the noise, constant interruptions, comings and goings and general surliness of teenagers, it's all going better than expected. I've known both of them for awhile (though never quite as well as when you share a single bathroom and shower). In a way, I feel alot younger and more alive than I have in years. Something about hanging with the unjaded, hopeful and energetic 18 year old boys that might rub off. Great antidote for all the work and sorrow going on just a few streets away.

But days off are history. Wednesdays are eaten by yard work, cooking and doctor's appointments for the parents. Weekends are for trying to do that stuff at my own house. Unlike the other day, I'm not bitching about it right now. It just is. Shoova and James, like C & G, actually help keep the focus light and fun.

We do, however, need a bigger house and a second bathroom.
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