Monday, June 12, 2006

Ups and one down

My mom's medicine is working. She's nearly herself again, and, after getting antibiotics for the pneumonia they discovered I've had since June 2 - so am I. Nearly. But that was a week for the personal history books.

Where things go from here is anyone's guess. The Aricept medication might slow down the disease, or it might level-off eventually. At which point we'll have to face some harsh realities.

Speaking of, my brother's facing one of those right now. He's hell-bent on getting Power of Attorney over my parents, and refuses to face the fact dad chose me, instead. Knowing brother dear so well, it's likely he'll do something slimy and shystering to con all of us.

My sibling-less friends always mention how they wish they had a sister or brother to share all family things both great and troubling. Someone they could trust, who would share the burden and make times like this easier.

So do I.

With crisis averted for the time being, I'll be returning to political blogging in the coming weeks. Although, to be honest, I've not watched CNN or read Kos in several weeks. It may take a bit of time to catch back up with the larger picture.
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