Friday, July 07, 2006

Captain Jack's latest outing - needs Captain Morgan

Blame it on midnight. Blame it on sleepiness, sadness, crabby kids and a tight schedule. Whatever you do, though, don't blame it on Depp.

To say I've eagerly awaited Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is like saying a nun's slightly interested in Heaven. Or a Pirate maybe wants a bit o' treasure, Matey. Like my best friend - known to play her two foot talking Captain Jack doll into the telephone - Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow hits my own high notes.

Sadly, the second Disney installment left no lingering melody.

Packed-in with a Pirate-lovin' midnight movie crowd Thursday at Regal Cobblestone, awash in anticipation and surrounded by folks dressed like Captain Jack, the stage was set for an awesome moviegoing experience - the first on our respective blocks, even.

But the plot was convoluted, elements gimmicky and some completely needless save for setting-up the third and final installment. Aside from a few great action sequences -- swordplay atop a spinning water wheel left everyone breathless -- the movie lacked the easy charm, character development and impressive style of the first.

Speaking of, the second film owes a greater debt of gratitude to Depp for his incredible, indelible Captain Jack. He's got even better lines this time (though the voice seemed slightly different) and his heart's just as conflicted and cowardly as ever. Scenes with him sparkle. Which leaves a huge absence in storylines to which he's not tethered: Will and dad Bootstrap Bill's watery reunion comes to mind.

All pettiness aside, I've parted with $28.00 on far, far less entertaining items. For a super summer spectacular that's as twisty and enjoyable as its namesake, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is certain to be the movie event of this summer.

If nothing else, go for Jack, love.
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