Thursday, July 27, 2006

In other news: the sun rose today

Fresh from today's HuffPo --

According to a CBS/NY Times Poll, six in ten Americans say world leaders do not respect President Bush. The poll highlights the public's wariness over the increasing violence and chances for peace in the middle east.

Between this poll and that of England recently, all I've got to offer is a resounding "Duh!" Dig in the spurs and call me Trigger: this is news?

Maybe the news is some of us are finally waking up to what others of us knew long ago. You can't respect someone who doesn't respect anything, including themselves.

Aside from his being inarticulate, mean-spirited, disdainful of average, hardworking people, full of false bravado and penny swagger, having the lowest job creation record since Herbert Freaking Hoover, looting the treasury, destroying as many social programs as he can find, signing orders that poison our waters, air and selves, agreeing to raise student loan interest rates, vetoing stem cell research, promoting the financial rape of senior citizens through Medicare D, creating a war that's so FUBAR even Generals don't approve of it, pandering to his rightwing religious fanatic base time and time again and letting New Orleans die a slow, painful televised death...

What's not to respect?

Yep. Duh, indeed.
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