Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Silence of the hams

Biggest downside to library blogging? By the time I'm ready to put thoughts to screen, I've long lost whatever passion drove that need and desire for expression. So here I sit in a comfy, if sterile, public environment surrounded by fellow city denizens with nothing to write about. Nothing pressing, anyway. Add to that pressures of getting work done first, and the craziness of life lately, and you get one dead blog.

Two ways to rectify this situation: get a home computer or quit blogging. Since writing's always helped during stress and this is beyond any doubt the most stressful time I can recall. . .

Plus I miss working at home from time to time.

Love the furor over Bush's swearing. Really, I do. Not so much because it's truly a mountain made from a molehill, or because he's yet again a huge embarrassment to this country. Mostly because he showed his true colors for the camera: talking with a big old mouth full of food, spewing expletives and peanuts in equal measure.

Bravo. Well played. He looked less the leader of the free world and more the star of a Gerber commercial. All that lacked was the high chair and bib.
He's probably helping awkward people all over the world feel much better about themselves.
Maybe - along with the functionally illiterate, autocratic and all those who talk with their mouths full.

Unfortunately, he's just mortifying the rest of us.
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