Tuesday, August 08, 2006

And speaking of stuff coming out of your stomach

How sickening, Bush's comments today on the Middle East as he rode off into his vacation sunset. I mean, really - take another vacation, Mr. Preznit. You've earned it. Okay, really? You haven't earned it, and your facile directives regarding the ongoing crisis between Israel and Lebanon prove you haven't the mettle to even work up a coherent thought, let alone a plan.(As well as your glib address of the Iraq situation, stating the Iraqi citizens chose against civil war when they voted...but we'll skip that right now.)

Do you realize, Leisure Suit Shrubby, how much your own actions, America's actions, contribute to the pervasive lawlessness playing out across the world? Probably not.

"What I would give to be 16 again!" Bush yelled out at one point as he mashed the pedals of his Trek bicycle through a wooded area.

In fact, Bush does not ride quietly, constantly shouting out in his Texas twang the names of trees and geographic features and yelling at himself to pedal faster.

"Air assault!" he yelled as he started one of two major climbs...

Ugh. That just makes me sick. What next, some donuts on your bike and jokes about circular firing squads? The so-called leader of the free world with as much depth and resonance as the down feathers on his vacation bed.
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