Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another year, another Emmy for The Daily Show

Maybe more than one, but I've got company so we keep stopping the DVR on the Emmy Awards. Just saw the ever-sexy Jon Stewart pick up his first of the night for Outstanding Comedy/Variety Series.

Whether covering such pressing issues as Future Shock or the wonderful, truthful, totally harsh take on how Lebanon feels about America, The Daily Show is consistently excellent and still an oasis of truth in a sea of lying liars masquerading as real news. All that, and the irony is the show's really good at doing hard news disguised as satirical commentary.

[Edit: Yes, more than one, actually. Poor Stephen Colbert, though. He's had a breakthrough year with The Colbert Report, and then to lose to freaking Barry Manillow... "Good evening, Godless Sodomites" indeed! ]

Here's the video from Stewart and Colbert's turn as presenters...hilarious!!

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