Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fool me eleven times...shame on all of us

Tonight's Countdown with K.O. featured a segment called "The Nexus of Politics and Terror," explaining that the Bush administration has used heightened terror alerts at times of political crises no fewer than eleven times. Including this latest politicization of the purported UK bombing plans, wherein Cheney referred to Dems as being "weak on terror," specifically Ned Lamont.

They claim nothing's more important than the safety of the American public; yet it becomes clearer every year that one thing is certainly more important: the safety of their well-dressed, wealthy, despicable behinds. Every single time they're in hot water - be it Rove facing Patrick Fitzgerald's Grand Jury, emerging details of Bush's failure to act on the August 2001 PDB regarding Bin Laden and during worldwide demonstrations against the Iraq war - they drag out the doomsday scenario like Marley's chains clattering behind them.

Without fail, all these terror alerts provide information long available, sometimes a full month earlier than they're disclosed.

Yet an increasingly complicit and docile media jumps aboard the screamin' meemie train and all news coverage even remotely critical of the administration is tossed overboard.

I no longer believe in terror as Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney define it, in the best, most digestible bumper sticker terms, suitable for framing or needlepoint but lacking to anyone with a brain.

Like the boy(s) who cried wolf, it's simply impossible to take their puffed-up, political butt coverin' platitudes and pontification seriously anymore. Once or twice if terrorism and their bad press converged, it would still be within the realm of feasibility.

But eleven times? Not even I'm that gullible.

Are you?
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