Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Nexus of Politics and Terror, continued

Raw Story has the video from Keith's excellent Countdown story on Bush's team playing politics with terror everytime their butts get in a sling. It lays out the case very well that coincidence can only labeled thusly when it doesn't happen with stunning frequency.

In other related news, push has certainly come to shove as regards the Federal ruling against NSA wiretapping as being unconstitutional. Alberto Gonzalez, who, as it happens appears more and more to be a giant playground putz, is essentially putting forth the amazing quasi-legal argument of "It's okay because we say so."

If we as the general citizenry do not get up-in-arms over such blatant disregard for both the Constitution and the Federal Judiciary, it will be okay just because they say so. On this issue and every damn other: torture, Presidential signing statements, conversion of the military tribunal to provide non-terrorist suspects their own judicial redress, and so on and so on and so on.

How could we just sit on our collective asses and let those idiots shred our Constitution, defile everything on which our democracy was built and then sneer at us?

Hostile? Hell yes, I'm hostile. Openly, wantonly, passionately hostile. Would that more people felt exactly the same.
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