Friday, August 11, 2006

Olbermann hits the right balance

The only talking head willing to state last night that given the government's well-documented use of terror alerts and events to control a fearful populace, the timing of yesterday's horrific disclosure of the UK terrorist plot should be viewed with a skeptical eye.

Not the plot itself, of course. Just the timing - and of course -political hay-making use of same. Since Bush approved raising the alert level to red on Sunday, according to White House spokesperson Tony SnowJob, the whole orchestrated "soft on terra" meme spouted from Cheney, Snow, Bush and others regarding Ned Lamont was premeditated capitalization.

Think that one over: While people are planning to bomb nearly a dozen passenger planes into oblivion, your government - our government - takes it as an opportunity to further their own agenda.


But ever since Bush and Condi said the events in Lebanon were tragic, but also an "opportunity," what could we expect, really?

For a funny brilliant, scathing indictment of those remarks from an international point of view, click on The Daily Show segment below. It's cutting, but true.

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