Saturday, August 19, 2006

Things I believe

1. It's better to give than receive - anything. Gifts, friendship, advice, a helping hand, love, sex, name it.

2. Life is, at various times, a gift, a chore, a drag, a pain, a mystery, worth having, worth losing, worth forgetting. Sometimes it's all those things at one time.

3. Time is only best spent with people you love who love you back, unambiguously and happily.

4. If you wash five pairs of socks, you will retrieve five mateless socks out of the dryer.

5. You often want what you don't have. When you still want what you already have that's the stuff you really wanted all along. Also, you've completely grown up and should consider yourself evolved.

6. Some people are in your life that make you feel stupid, tongue-tied, stricken with verbal diarrhea, confused, completely inane AND irrelevant. Those are always the people to whom you're strangely attracted. Unfortunately, since you come across as a bit of a psychotic ass with them and generally only them, don't expect them to ever reciprocate your affection.

7. No matter how many times you go over in your head all the wise, practical matters you'd like to discuss with someone who fits the description of #6, you're still going to babble like a monkey riddled with ADD as soon as they're around.

8. Stress makes your stomach feel like Freddy Krueger is performing particularly invasive acts of midwifery on you. But so does anything that makes you feel happy or excited. Basically, those days, weeks, months are meant for staying in bed and sleeping it off, by any means necessary.

9. If and when Jesus ever returns to Earth, you will be dressed inappropriately and running a bit behind.

10. When you're most in need of sleep, it will refuse to arrive.
Wonderful !!!... I love creeds. If and when Jesus ever returns to Earth, it won't be out of lust for glory and a-one for the money and a-two for the show, though. So those who will be dressed inappropriately and running a bit behind shall inherit the Earth - AND the # 6-type bastards. Which brings me to my own personal creed of the moment :

1 - There is still hope.

2 - There is no hope.

3 - Nothing left but faith.

Also, if you don't know the song, I suggest you check the lyrics to the Buzzcocks' "I believe", one hell of a manifesto !
I really love that you can carry two completely different beliefs about the same issue all at once. Without, you know, going completely nuts!

Is there hope? For whom?
For humanity, perhaps.

For everyone? Not so much. (thus ends my attempts to do the RumsfieldSpeak.)

I miss you AND owe you email. Let's fix both those things.
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