Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tripping the light fantastic in the right-leaning blogs

Before it becomes too difficult, quantifying and (dis)qualifying the 1,005 reasons being bandied-about in the right-wing blogosphere as rationales for Lieberman's loss to Lamont, it's time to write 'em down.

1. Lieberman's website was "hacked" on election day.

That's one of the official excuses, coming from the Lieberman party itself. Utterly ridiculous. Envision, if you will, hordes of Connecticut voters, all set to go out and pull the lever for Lieberman, suddenly stopped in their tracks because won't pull a Lazarus via Internet Explorer.

Yes, and rumor has it that Mel Gibson went out and got drunk because the satire website of Mel's Musings never goes down. Really.

Historically speaking, I hear it told Titanic never would've sunk if someone hadn't pulled a DOS Attack on

2. Clinton supported him.

Wow, that whole "Clinton's to blame for everything" meme really doesn't end, does it? Six years into Bush's failing presidency, and we can still find things for which to blame Clinton: lost garbage cans, ring around the collar, bad haircuts...THEY'RE ALL CLINTON'S FAULT!! Dear Meme Police: arrest these idiots.

3. Lamont is rich.

Sure, he is. Which is part of why dyed-in-the-wool Dems with blue collar roots, like me, had trouble climbing aboard the Ned Express initially. But if you think an incumbent, pathologically trysting with big corporate interests like a two-dollar whore for 36 years doesn't have some serious bucks...there's nothing we can't sell you.

4. Lieberman is Jewish

This from the life-sized bobblehead drug addict, Rush Limbaugh. Seriously, he claimed the entire state of CT just woke up a few days ago, scratched their collective heads and said..."Sure, we voted him in for decades - but I think he may be Jewish. Let's check that out."

And you thought it impossible to alienate an entire state more than Joe already had, didn't you? Way to go, Limbaugh; if ignorance is bliss you're twirling the flaming baton of giddy right about now.

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