Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Creative Zen V: MP3 player

I marveled at the wonders of the MP3 player earlier this year, on this blog, after borrowing my daughter's Creative Zen Jukebox. All that diverse music, right at your fingertips!

So, today, I bought one - a one gig Creative Zen V. Half the price of the Jukebox, it fits right in the palm, holding 500 songs. So far I've ripped the Hedwig Soundtrack, Exile on Main Street, Liz Phair's Whip Smart and my Guster cds. In less than ten minutes, while I type this. And the player charges from the computer, rather than an outlet.

This singular love of the MP3 player must stem from all those childhood years spent trying to 'ho my little girl dimples in exchange for jukebox quarters at my parent's restaurant. Totally shameless, too; I walked up to customers, strangers and regulars alike, and tried to put on the charm for a mere 25 cents. Worked too, usually.

Since there's no space in my humble abode for a jukebox (though I did impetuously purchase one when I lived in a third story apartment, and then just as quickly reneged) this tiny wonder is going to have to do - until it runs out of space and I get a bigger one.

Until then, once it's charged and ready, look for a real product review coming soon to this space.

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