Sunday, September 03, 2006

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Thanks to yet another glitch in my dvr box, I got to watch Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang today, rather than a steady diet of the old 80's sitcoms beloved by my daughter. For once, the curses at the cable company come with a silver lining. And what a lining it is!

Robert Downey Jr. shines in this dark horse comedy, both satire and homage to 30's detective films, raised to the next millenium by dark wit, sexual observations and of course, more gore than its black and white counterparts. While the plot twists are engaging, eventually the denouement proves slight and rather flimsy. But the beauty of this little gem is all in the journey and, even moreso, crackling, witty dialogue, all used to advantage by first time director Shane Black.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang defies genre-fication and description. It's well worth the rental and would've been quite fun in theatres.
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